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Oswin Cobblestone

Minifigure Inspired by The Penguin from the Gotham television show

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There's a war coming; a terrible war. There will be Lego, rivers of bricks in the streets, I know it.

- Oswin Cobblestone

Watch out Gotham! He's back!! Don't be fooled by his awkwardness. He's cold, cunning and manipulative. He knows what he wants and he's going to get it!

Completely New Design-- but he's still got that great Martin Greenfield suit with its subtle checkered vest. Watch out-- don't let him stick you with that umbrella! It's a real Lego piece we added to complete the package-- and it fits him perfectly!

And his nose...

I can hear the screams of all you Lego purists! But he just doesn't seem like good ol' Oswald without it! But not to worry-- we made it so you can decide. Just turn his head around and... problem solved!


This custom printed Lego minifig has a reversible head and is printed on the front, back and arms. He comes complete with a Lego umbrella accessory and a free laminated collector card!