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Red Lightning

Red Lightning custom printed Lego minifig

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Based on the Flash Season 2 Costume!

Once an ordinary police investigator, our hero's life was abruptly transformed by a chance bolt of lightning and a random mix of laboratory chemicals.

Upon waking, he discovered he had taken on the persona of the lightning bolt--- and of light itself, the fastest thing in the universe!

He had become Red Lightning!

Suddenly able to move and think at the speed of light, and endowed with superhuman endurance and reflexes, there's no telling what evil he might inflict.

Luckily, he chose to use his extraordinary powers to fight crime and defeat his arch nemesis, Reverse Lightning.

Specially printed, raised-texture lightning bolts on the sides of the head and on the chest medallion give a stunning 3-dimensional look to the printing. Additional texture effects on the arms, legs and trim complete the package.

Comes with a free laminated collector card.

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