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Special Price Archer Combo

Emerald Archer and Crimson Archer custom printed Lego minifig combo. Get 'em both together and SAVE! Free Shipping! 

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Roy Harpoon started out wanting to be like his hero, Emerald Archer. Although the Archer would at first have no part of it, he eventually relented after helping Roy overcome the nasty effects of a Mirakuru injection. He agrees to train Roy who reaches a point where his accuracy with a bow is equaled only by that of his mentor. Together they help protect their city from evil, but Roy's independence and hot-headedness continue to cause constant tension between the two vigilantes. Eventually Roy is given the name Crimson Archer by Emerald Archer.

Printed with stunning textured details, you can get both of these incredible minifigs together for a special low price plus FREE SHIPPING!

This set also comes with 8 accessories and two FREE, full-color, laminated collector cards.