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Sarcastic Superhero

Sarcastic Superhero- custom printed Deadpool Inspired Lego minifig

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Hero or anti-hero? Unpredictable and sarcastic, he is endowed with a dark and twisted sense of humor which keeps his oponents on their guard. Considered by many to be mentally unstable, he has a strong sense of morality and kills only those he feels "deserve" it.


Having survived cancer, the experimental treatment cured his disease and gave him accelerated healing powers. But at what cost, since it also left him with a heavily scarred and disfigured face? Bitter from the torturous nature of the treatment, he's on a quest for vengeance against those those who inflicted it upon him.

This custom printed minifig features a Lego scabbard and 2 Katanas, plus a FREE bonus laminated collector card and a special printed tile!