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Brick and Morton

Brick and Morton custom printed Lego minifigure set

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"I turned myself into a pickle, Morton!"

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! I'm Lego Brick! *burp*

He's just your ordinary freeloading grandfather-- whose hobby happens to be opening portals to other dimensions and alternate realities! His uncontrolled mischief and quest for personal gain is a never-ending source of mayhem!

And let's not forget poor Morton, his grandson, who seems to always find himself caught up in Brick's crazy schemes (Aw Geez!)

These great Fig Factory minfigures are sure to make your custom collection get a bit more schwifty!

As an added bonus, every set comes with a FREE Pickle Brick!

So order yours today!

Sold only together as a set.

Both minfigures have a reversible head and their own collector card. Brick comes with a Cape Madness trench coat and a Brick Forge booze flask.