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The Goalie

The Goalie custom printed Lego minifigure

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Left alone by the death of his mother and forced to live as a hermit in the woods, he has no moral compass and no concept of right or wrong. Primitive instinct alone drives his actions as he struggles for survival.

Now practically immortal after being left to drown by careless counselors at the dreaded Camp Crystal Lake, he's bent on revenge against anyone careless enough to wander into his eternal home by the water.

With 151 victims under his belt,  err... machete, there is nothing to stop the Goalie's senseless and butual killing rampage.

This custom printed Goalie minifigure gets it's name from the special raised-up printed hockey mask featuring a 180-degree wraparound printed strap. But that's not all. You also get a Brickarms machete covered by a realistic wet-looking blood-splatter pattern! And we didn't forget the customary FREE Fig Factory collector card!