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The Maniac

The Maniac custom printed Lego minifigure inspired by Gotham's Jerome Velaska

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Once a low-level circus performer, the Maniac was committed to Arkham assylum for killing his own mother after suffering a psychotic break.

But it wasn't long before he was broken out-- set free to rain terror upon the poor and unsuspecting citizens-- all part of a master plan to drive the city to madness!

His freedom was ultimately short-lived as he was betrayed and murdered by his own mentor, jealous over him being seen as the hero of the city.

But death also could not hold him! Brought back to life with a face scarred and held in place by staples, he renewed his reign of terror until ultimately being thwarted and returned to Arkham.

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This custom printed features 360 degrees of printing-- including the inside of the legs to complete his "boots"!  Comes with a FREE Fig Factory collector card!