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Dead Lightning

Black Lightning custom printed Lego minifigure with Free Shipping!

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It's often said that Death Lightning exists merely to create balance in a Universe where even actual death itself is too slow to overtake those who possess supreme speed.

Considered the Grim Reaper of the Speedsters, Black Death's one role is to reunite those who die with the Speed Force from which their powers were first obtained.

Though he himself cannot be destroyed he can be thwarted by racing to the end of time itself where death no longer has meaning.

But beware! Though he may seem to disappear, he is not gone forever and will inevitably return to complete his unfinished work-- when the time has come.

Specially printed, raised-texture details on the head, arms and chest give a stunning 3-dimensional look to the printing. The unique diamond-like facets on the lightning bolts are a Fig Factory exclusive!

Comes with a free, exclusive Fig Factory collector card!