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The Shape

The Shape custom printed Lego minifigure

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After being incarcerated for years after brutally murdering his sister, The Shape has once again escaped and is coming home, bringing back death to a little town in Illinois.

Blank, emotionless, and silent. This is the face of pure evil. Neither man nor monster, but rather a force of nature driven to kill; an animal on the hunt who will not stop until his thirst for bloodshed is satiated.

He is an unstoppable force that cannot be reasoned with and even six bullets to the chest aren't enough to halt the Boogeyman in bringing terror back on Halloween night.

This custom printed minifig comes with a Brickarms glaive covered by a realistic, wet-looking blood splatter pattern, plus a FREE bonus laminated collector card and special-printed promotional Lego tile!

And if you can't decide if you're a bigger fan of the original Shatner mask or the distressed design from the upcoming 2018 sequel, we've got you covered with a reversible head featuring both versions!