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The Comedian

The Comedian custom printed Lego minifigure

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After losing his job as a professional clown, the Comedian pursued the one thing any good entertainer wants most - to make the world laugh.

But when more people laugh at your mental illness than at your punch lines, it's easy to snap and sometimes surviving in a world where nobody seems to care means learning to embrace how funny the dark side of life can be.

Are these events a true telling of history or simply the mad machinations of a truly unstable mind trapped by its own delusion of notoriety?

Features a reversible face to showcase both his serious side as well as his smiling expression, and of course we had to give you his iconic mask printed on a second, FREE minifigure head as a bonus!

The Comedian custom printed minifigure has a carefully hand painted genuine Lego hairpiece and comes with a Brickarms snub nose revolver plus the usual laminated collector card and a specially printed Lego tile!